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Fumbling Foundations

This class began in February of 1995 and has been ongoing weekly since. 
So much of the is work is about what comes up, 
and i’d like to offer you a few insights that may be helpful as you begin.

Please honor our guidelines: Barefeet or dance shoes only, 

turn off cell phone and refrain from taking pictures.

You are entering Sacred Space as you come into this room, 
and your observance of this is important to everyone present. 
If you feel called to talk with someone please take any verbal conversation out of the room,  or convert it to movement. 

We set up an “alter”, often reflecting the natural world, sometimes with humor, 
at times you may feel called to contribute something to this space; 
people have brought  a picture of someone going through a healing crisis, 
a loved one missed, an object of inspiration, 
or sometimes fruit to share.


The class is a Sweat Your Prayers™; where music is the primary teacher 
encompassing a 5Rhythms® wave:

FLOWING:   Receiving, movement is from  feet.. based, curving receptive Yin energy 

STACCATO:  Expression movement from hips and heart.   exhale.. creating boundaries  Yang energy  with punctuated movement

CHAOS:   a grounded surrender into expansive free dance the integration of polarities 

LYRICAL:  the ecstatic embodied lightness of being danced

STILLNESS: the spaciousness of inner listening as movement breath, space meeting and becoming form


Your dance is unique and you can’t get it ‘wrong,' 
There may be people in the space who seem more practiced; let them inspire you… 
maybe they’ve been dancing for years, maybe it’s their first time.
This is a cauldron of infinite possibilities and you may transform yourself here.

We will go on a guided journey together,

exploring breath, 
becoming fascinated with our bodies, our movements, 
our dance, our relationships to self, others, and the tribe.
Each class is unique, so much of it comes from who shows up.

Everyone's space is respected, if you feel your boundaries are not respected, simply  indicate that through a simple gesture: a bow, or hands on heart or turn away. Always let the teacher know if you are feeling in any way challenged by another in the space. Your wellbeing is primary.

This is movement as a spiritual practice. It can be the most fun you have ever had, 
and it can bring up a flood of other emotions equally easily. 
A major tenet of the work is to keep moving. Even if the movement is tiny to the outer eye.
The impulse may be to let old feelings that get triggered engulf you. 
We suggest that you let the dance continue its process, follow it and acknowledge it but don’t let emotions stop you from going on to your next level.

We invite you to meet others, exchange contacts, have friendships blossom. 
If things come up for you from dancing, either in the class, or afterwards, tell us! 
We most especially want to hear from you if something is challenging to you –– 
physically, emotionally, spiritually.  

Your feedback is welcomed, everything that arises; concerns as well as the positive. 

Many times people have come in and danced, had extraordinary experiences, and later at home had a flood of old feelings 
and memories that were uncomfortable. Call or email me; this is where community comes in.

Amazing people are dancing around you , people who do bodywork, counseling, 
we are doctors, chiropractors, artists, teachers, writers, actors, computer experts, 
business owners, athletes, as well as dancers and dreamers and drummers…..
Let us know your chosen profession, and let us post it on our community referral page
Refer to one another for services, guidance, expertise.

We are constantly amazed by the magic in our lives,
and hope that you may find some of it here as well.

For more info on 5Rhythms

In Flowing, we physically practice the art of being fluid in our bodies. Flowing is the pipeline to our inner truth, the impulse to follow the flow of one’s own energy, to be true to oneself—listening and attending to our needs, receptive to our inner and outer worlds. When we open up to the flow of our physical beings, all other pathways open. It is one of the most beautiful and fascinating ways of dancing—to be in, to be around, and to watch.

Men and women that embody the Rhythm of Flowing are supple, flexible, surrendered and trust their feet to lead them where they are meant to go.

In Staccato we physically practice the power of masculine energy. It is percussive and strong and promotes connection with the rest of the world. Staccato is the gateway to the heart. It shows us how to step out into the world connected to our feet and our feelings. This rhythm is the ruler of our linear world, the ruler of the warrior part of us, the part of us that shows up as truth and clarity. It is the part of us that stands up for what we care about, who we love, and what we love.

Staccato is the fierce teacher of boundaries. And it is the protector and ambassador of our fluid being. Visually, a man or woman fully embodied in the Rhythm of Staccato is defined, clear, connected and not fearful of the transparent expression of their heart. Whether dancing Staccato alone, in partnership, or in groups—it is always a powerful experience.

In Chaos we physically practice the art of fully releasing our bodies - we let go of the head, spine, hips and feet and move faster than we can think. Chaos breaks us free of our illusions and throws us headfirst into the beat. It takes us on the journey from “I can’t” to “I will”. The simple practices of Chaos immediately bring us back to our bodies, to the moment. This rhythm liberates us from all ideas about who we are and gives us a real experience of being total, free, intuitive and creative.

Chaos is the gateway to the big mind. Dancing Chaos is the practice of going into the unknown, not fearing what’s on the other side. Visually we look like a big, hot, giant, sweaty mess overflowing with cathartic energy. This is our big dance, our break out dance, our break through dance.In Lyrical we practice the art of coming out of Chaos. It is the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual dancing rebirth. The practice of Lyrical teaches us how to break out of destructive patterns and surrender into the depths of the fluid, creative repetitions of our soulful self, bubbling up from the deepest parts of ourselves, to the integrity and dignity that we often forget is within us.

Lyrical is expansive and connects us to our humanity, timeless rhythms, repetitions, patterns and cycles. Lyrical is more of a state of being than a Rhythm, as it can be a crystal clear expression of any of the Rhythms in their lightness. We become light in our feet, like birds flying in the air—but make no mistake, in Lyrical we are grounded and fully empowered.

Being Still and doing Nothing are totally different. Stillness moves, both within and all around us. The dance is our vehicle, our destination is the Rhythm of Stillness; our challenge is to be a vessel that keeps moving and changing. Physically, in the dance of Stillness, we move in slow motion—like highly unpredictable meditative Tai Chi masters. Shapes from the past, the present and the future come through us—shapes of the Feminine and the Masculine and the magic dance they do together. Moving in Stillness and being still in motion fuses the accumulation of our bodies’ life experiences into our true wisdom. Eventually we dissolve into sitting meditation, where all the other Rhythms of our journey converge in the vital resonance of Stillness.

Each time we dance into Stillness, we practice the art of making humble and mindful endings interpreted by our higher connected self. This carries through to all of our endings in life—the end of this dance, this day, this relationship, or this life cycle. Good endings mean taking responsibility for the whole journey, distilling wisdom from our experience so that we may begin the next wave or cycle clean and not carrying the past with us.

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For now all classes are
Live & Virtual

Join us Sundays in Culver City
or on Zoom,

+ all are archived with audio 

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Ride the Waves
Sunday mornings 11 – 1

$20 cash, Venmo Jo-Cobbett

Culver City Masonic Lodge

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I love moving and find this organic process of exploration the most satisfying of all portals into wonder.  
This is a meditation form that allows for the release of emotions, ideas, thoughts, 
held patterns and concepts, as well as old trauma and pain.
as that releases space opens for welcoming a balancing of energies, a connection to vitality, breath and presence.

this is where poetry lives in my body, 
where my creativity is accessed and expressed, 
where i meet and honor myself through an ever changing array of mirrors.  
where i feel witnessed, held and received on a soul satisfying level.
this honoring oF self extends into the field of dancers around me, helping me to foster my sense of self in all relationships.
this is an opportunity for you to develop and express boundaries, 
to support others in transformation and feel supported in your own shifts.

for many it kindles a spiritual awareness of deeper resonance, 
and is a portable accessible vehicle for sanctuary. 
this is a sanctuary for movement; a restoration of the dancing path to source, 
and essence that has been a birthright for the tens of thousands 
of years we have been on this earth.  
for humans have always danced, always communed with the vast unfathomable realms in this way. 

the experience is uniquely yours and yet it is held and supported through a common space.  
sharing the journey amplifies the accessibility of higher attunement and can act as a lever might
moving you more profoundly through blocks and impasses in your patterns of behavior than you might on your own.

in this safe haven we encourage surrender.

as a facilitator i am catalyzing the field with music and spoken word
offerings and guidance  to enhance a process of self revelation.
as a participant, please realize that we co-create the field. 
we seek to expand our awareness; our respect for self and all around us. 
if you feel at any time that the room moves faster than you are comfortable moving, 
it is always the rhythm in your skin that is best followed. 
in giving yourself permission to stay true to what is within you, 
others are inspired to be within their authentic presence.

if you feel that someone crosses you personal comfort level, please first let them know, 
with a look, a bow, or a simple "stop"gesture. 
being honest in your expression helps everyone to grow.

as freedom of movement releases your body, it may release different qualities within; 
some  may be less socially ‘correct’ and while your full opportunity to show up is invited, respect for others is also primary.  

unstructured felt movement opens the permeability of the heart; 
feelings can flow more freely. at times memories can engulf us and yet, 
if we continue to dance, continue to follow breath and sensation, 
continue to track our inner space and not become overwhelmed by what is 
around us, we develop resources that will guide us everywhere in life.  

this may help us to be more honest in relationship and more realized in the world
the ripple effect of your dance is limitless.

There are teachers in many places: 
visit for other classes in the world...

or ask me about teaching a workshop in your area.

It has been my ongoing intention to create a healing movement center in Los Angeles. 
If you are interested in helping me to achieve this goal, please contact me.
Jo  424 258 5105 texts

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