will be LIVE with Jo
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy's Sunday Sweat
     11:45am-2 PM Pacific class

I've been a fan of Cornflower's for years, and am honored to bring his magic into our mix. He improvs and weaves a musical spell to enthrall.

Thankfully he's also a tech wiz, and able to navigate this extraordinary landscape of our digital universe: this is all a first!

Join us for some sweet human connection time, and share with friends... if you love it - more may happen!

 Let's make space for some gathering time as you need. We'll be starting within.. creating a haven for  embodied listening, and getting into some wonderful bigger movement. Clear some room, Dance with an open heart. we're opening to what may be what we've always dreamed was possible

Participate as you feel drawn, and listen through skin, You may have video on or off, it's so lovely seeing your face, and connecting.

We'll be sharing the donations for this week, and truly thank you for your generosity!

Venmo me Jo-Cobbett

Yes, this is all by donation any amount is welcomed. 

Especially you!!  Thank you for making this sustainable. It takes me so many hours to do this, and I really appreciate sharing, and receiving support

Meeting ID: 817 728 227

Password: 007236

This links to our last class. This week's was recorded and has all the music, with the voiceover,  have a dance as you'd love when and where! The playlist is up on our webpage.


Mixcloud link, if you'd like to join later without visuals. This is active until the next class is uploaded. Your feedback is dearly appreciated. Text or email me