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February 17-19 Santa Cruz mountains

Join us for a weekend of Singing and Dancing In The Redwoods

Our second offering and our first in Winter.. held at Monte Toyon Conference Center... Our first event sold out quickly, perhaps you are returning? Or heard the good words? Contact now to sign up.. read more about it here

I loved our first Soul Village and am honored to be part of this Winter gathering to celebrate life.

We come together with a passion to express ourselves and connect with each other. Dancing and Singing provide our main pathways to heal our sense of separation, and experience the depth of our personal and collective soulfulness.

Soul Village is thoughtfully facilitated by seasoned space-holders who understand the service of community building. The full range of human emotion is honored as the authentic path to wholeness. Leadership is a service that helps bring us together in co-creation of our shared dream of community. 

Dance, Sing, explore, experience. Lots of details. follow any link:

* Varied Rhythm Dance Facilitation
* Multi-Layered Song Leading
* Contact Improvisation Dance
* Group Improvisation Singing
* Live Music
* Mixed-Tempo DJ Sets
* Comedy Improvisation
* Dance to the Drums
* Participant-Led Workshops
* Evening Fire Circles

  • The dance music will facilitate expression of a wide range of emotions. It will not include the techno music characteristic of many Ecstatic Dance events.

  • The singing will be accessible, and rich. But this is not another version of Song Village, where singing is the sole activity. Participants at Soul Village should be interested in dance as well.

  • Soul Village will be a very grounded, consciously facilitated community experience. It will not have a “festival” vibe, where hype and hyperbole are common, and expression of personal freedoms sometimes overshadow conscious attunement to the group.

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Monte Toyon conference center is located in Aptos, CA, just south of Santa Cruz. The venue features a beautiful large dance floor in the main lodge and multiple indoor meeting spaces. There is a sweet chapel in the forest, ready to be filled with song.


Is Soul Village for You?

Soul Village is for people who love to both sing and dance. We are an embodied community of people with access to freedom in our movement and an open capacity to touch and creatively respond to one another. Soul Village is for people who understand the subtle dynamics of consent, who express their boundaries comfortably, and who can perceptively attune to each others’ energy.

Soul Village is a place to find stillness, then listen, and then join or harmonize with an awareness of the whole group. You don’t have to be a stand-out dancer or singer. We are not about performance. If you love to dance and love to sing, we would love to have you join us.

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