Dance to the Waxing Moon

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Tuesday Night ALTA-JAM East-siders: Begins 7/5/22

Our dance Jam Is Now at
Farnsworth Auditorium
Tuesday Nights

dance Indoors only.

Must leave space by 9pm Now!

6:45-8:45pm MUST Register & Pay in advance This takes at least 10 minutes the first time & Little to No Cell reception AT VENUE:

You can pay in advance for as many as you choose from the series:

  • each week individually once in the system new classes are ea

  • Dance mask-optional A

1st Tuesdays after dance We connect and share!, can you join us?   

We'll be meeting afterwards at a local Ale House for a conversation and catch up! 

**Farnsworth is a county property; to attend sessions, registration & payment are in advance online.  
7-9 pm, $15

join our crew for exchange?  contact Jocobbett  

Picture Links to Latest Recorded
AltaJam Dancemix
No wifi at Farnsworth, so our sessions are not currently recorded or available online. 

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Let's lift the space together!!!  

All past recorded sessions are up
on Mixcloud - you can
 dance whenever and whenever you'd like! 
Mixcloud sessions are private,
Only accessible through links here:

picture links to caring bridge for regine