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Eastside Tuesday Night Dance

 AltaJam Is held at
Farnsworth Auditorium
Tuesday Nights

Online $15 per session

6:45-8:45pm MUST Register & Pay in advance of 6:45 This takes at least 10 minutes the first time  


Once you are in the system You can pay in advance for as many sessions as you choose from the series:

Just organize the list by date, and see what's coming..

Tap picture above or QR code below to go to sign up page


Let's lift the space together!


And if you want to  dance when we aren't in person?  CLICK PICTURE

Picture link to the last recorded session

All past recorded sessions are up
on Mixcloud - you can
 dance whenever and whenever you'd like! 
Many Mixcloud sessions are private,
Only accessible through links here:
Thank you for you generosity!

 Online signup Closes before we begin Please Complete your sign up BEFORE 6:45 for each week's classes or buy extra sessions in advance - for future classes
problems signing up? 
Try to Sign Up before 4pm & call:
Dept. Parks and Recreation ActiveNet Call for signup Help before 6:30! 

Having ongoing issues? So deeply sorry! 

Please contact:

Los Angeles County

Department of Parks and Recreation


Sam Estrada 

 MANAGER for entire area

P: 626 634 8262 please text him tell him you have issues with the system. 

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram 

**This is a county property; to attend sessions, registration & payment in advance online ONLY.  
6:45-8:45 pm, $15 BY 6:30pm


Must Sign Up completely before 6:45
class begins, then screenshot the receipt in case the county site has a glitch.. only fully registered people can enter!!

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