The last recorded playlist is posted Thank you for helping me to sustain this time of meeting virtually.  

This link was the most recent Sunday

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Want to see what's on it? the written playlist is up on this page

Sweat Your Prayers with us next on September 20,   11:45-2 
     Live classes are usually $20, thank you for your generosity in making this sustainable!     

 Sunday Sweat your heart and connection Grateful you Joined us. 

This week I open the room at 11:45 for gentle music 12-1:45 dancing, being as poignant and enlivened as spirit guides you to be, and moving through generosity of dance as community into upliftment as we sweat our prayers. 

If this is right for you:

Participate as you feel drawn, and listen through skin, You may have video on or off, it's so lovely seeing your face, and connecting.

Opening myself for Sunday’s Dance. Aligning all the parts in me from the walks I’ve had the dances I’ve shared the words I’ve read the images that have streamed before me the news I’ve listened through channeling it into a dance that shares life ❤️ that opens us wider and more fully.

Zoom room opens at 11:45 AM and goes till two for sharing. Fumble with me integrating all the wildness of our world in a way that nourishes your being as fully as I feel mine being nourished in preparation.

 This is paypal link, and you may Venmo me Jo-Cobbett Thank you for making this sustainable.

Yes, this is all by donation any amount is welcomed.  Especially you!!

It takes me so many hours to do this, and I really appreciate sharing, and receiving support.

Here's next Sunday's link,
live at 11:45am



Meeting ID: 875 8960 9699

Passcode: 936615