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A Weekly Collaboration with Jo Cobbett, Georgianne Cowan & Fred Sugerman 

Dancing Mystery Lodge 


A Journey, A Destination, A Refuge

In Person, and OnLine

Weekly Thursday Movement Sessions In Culver City

We'll be alternating weeks as hosts for Dancing Mystery Lodge, 

  10:30am - 12:30pm hosts rotating weekly 

in times where fiction seems outpaced by our daily news and we may struggle for equilibrium  between the dramatic calls for our attention, we offer a sanctuary for deeper resonance and a restoration of inner resources.  A movement field with foundation and intention that supports your individual presence through music, invitation and a shared fascination for a sustainable life path.

Each week we open a portal of creativity and engagement. Join Us 

 Culver City Masonic Lodge 9635 Venice Blvd Culver City 90232

…On the land of Tongva






Our facebook group link

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Venmo Jo-Cobbett or PayPal for this session.  follow the link to class:
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For the weekly Online participant please
send your request IN ADVANCE through our group dancingmysterylodge. email for a current link to the session this week!

For my sessions:
Venmo Jo- Cobbett  or paypal below
cash, check & venmo/paypal on site

contact Georgianne for your link to join please donate in advance:
Venmo:Georgianne Cowan  @Georgianne-Cowan


A Creative Movement Space

w/ Jo Cobbett, Georgianne Cowan & Fred Sugerman


Thursday Dance is a lush template bringing together three innovative movement creators cross-pollinating techniques, and intentions with somatic inquiry. We three have come together to expand the scope of our individual focus and to be surprised, delighted and altered by each other’s contributions.


Find refuge from the stresses of the moment and discover inner resources that support your life’s path. At the center of the storm is peace and serenity. Let’s meet there and replenish ourselves anew to face whatever new challenges may come our way.

 Dancing Mystery Lodge is a life-line into deeper relationship with self, energetic fluency and the miracle/magic of our moving bodies.

 A carefully tended movement garden that invites metamorphosis, authenticity and expansion through playful inquiry, subtle tuning and full-bodied expression.

 We invite you to share in this spontaneous, nurturing and ongoing creation! Light guidance/encouragement will be offered accompanied by an eclectic and focused musical palette.

 Each class will offer a theme to ground and inspire your dance. The theme is a foothold, a place to move from, a springboard to explore whatever comes through your moving imagination. Of course, what you bring to the dance on a particular day also affects and directs your journey.

 Every Thursday, on a rotating basis from 10:30-12:30

 Fred Sugerman

is  a movement artist, educator, facilitator and professional actor, is Founder and Director of Medicine Dance, a collection of mindful movement forums that support the accessing and managing of personal power. His passion lies in the space between the healing arts and the channels of expression welcomed in the performing arts.

 Georgianne Cowan is a mytho/poetic, meditative movement pioneer who has been teaching/performing for over four decades. Her creative passion is empowering others to access their emotional, spiritual and mythic “story” through movement, conscious embodiment and playful inquiry.  She is the author of “The Soul of Nature,” Chair of the L.A. Dance Collective and creator of Moving Soul Dance. She is a former Continuum teacher and a lover of Middle Eastern dancing

Jo Cobbett

Through dancing I attain a sustained state of joy; by engaging my entire being through fluid states of expression.  Now my canvas is a room; my palette a diverse and constantly changing array of music and movers; unique in every moment.  Each dance is filled with wonder, and it's released as the room empties... only glimmers  remain, and yet lives are changed.  It is continually humbling to hold the space, and provide an opportunity for transformation. “

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