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Travel Tips 
Always check the local area recommendations for recommended immunizations and visa requirements. 

Tips from one who has been around the world .... in economy class

often having to teach soon after  arriving, and this is how it's been possible for me. 

In the air:    

Taking a 'red eye' flight usually allows me to get on board, cover my head with the blanket and ignore any meals offered until after a good sleep.  Then eat, watch films, read etc.  On board:

1. No Jet Lag / Jet Lag Ease tablets; a homeopathic are indispensable for me. they spare me ALL the jetlag.  Also called Jetzone     Follow easy directions. Get rest and avoid alcohol and caffeine on the flight.  


2. For flights a small inflatable stadium cushion with a minimal amount of air in it makes the seats on these long flights far more comfortable than you can imagine. There are wings in most all seats to hold your head steady,   This is also good for many   First class sleeper

for a larger carry about thing that can help you to sleep.. it inclines your body allowing you to straighten more in a coach seat and rest more fully. 

3. A bit of antibiotic ointment in each nostril whenever in the plane helps minimize airborne infection. Good headphones, make the travel easier.

Also Argentyn 23 is amazingly successful at more subtle airborne agents.  Always carry this. 


4. Most airlines usually have blankets and pillows, I use the pillow behind my back for support,  I Bring a warm shawl to can drape over myself; planes are usually cold! To rest deeply warmth is ideal.

5. You cannot drink enough water on the plane. Try to!!

6.  Walk on flights  and in layovers; as much as you can. 

On the ground: 

1. Get acclimatized; see the sun rise or set; it resets the pineal gland making landing embodied.

2. Avoid Air-conditioning, after you land, and get used to the environment so it can be experienced.  Tropical environments are easier to live in when you are part of the ecosystem.

3.  Drink more than enough water before and after you fly.

Health & Body  Care: 

1. Bring whatever medication you need, supplements and personal hygiene products.

2. GSE (grapefruit seed extract or citrus seed extract) for digestive upsets. One drop of local water can ruin your trip. This really works for me.  


3.Take vitamin B1 for discouraging the mosquitos and that is best with higher potency;  for me: 500-1000mg a day of just B-1 not B-complex (which are far more inviting the mosquito)!  Take daily for 3 weeks prior to trip. 

Also pack essential oil of lemongrass as repellent: Mix a few drops oil with water in a spray bottle ... also recommend All Terrain  if you want to buy one that works especially effective with malarial mosquitoes.  Check contents of whatever mosquito repellent you prefer.  one i love is from this company     (this cedar aroma also works on fleas, bedbugs and other pests!)


4.  Recommend all your personal immune support products. I travel with undiluted Thieves oil, a very affordable version is available here :


5. Bring lightweight portable Umbrella, for both rain and sun.  

Sunglasses, hat, Sunblock, Lip Balm with sunblock. 

In the tropics: 

​Packing lightly; 


 Very light loose woven COTTON,  Linen, natural fiber garments are most comfortable to wear; Avoid form fitting synthetics.    Thailand is a warm and more humid climate. Long sleeves make excellent sun protection.  

After extended time in the water may desire full cover; light jacket.

Sarongs are very versatile and  helpful.


Dance shoes may be of value for your feet; we'll be dancing a lot.


Sandals flip flops; Tevas good in wet and dry kind are great.  Fashion pales next to discomfort.  We are in a place with hills and steps. Pack for walking!

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