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Dancing with Jo Cobbett - what's in it for you?

Dancing with Jo Cobbett - what's in it for you?

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What others say:

"This changed my life"

"My journal has been a great sounding board for thoughts, revelations and creative goals.

I’ve grown to realize that keeping silent about my childhood has been a hindrance to expressing my true creativity. 

I am no longer embarrassed or ashamed of the chaos that has created who I am.

Inception assisted in the facilitation of speaking my truth and revealing my vulnerabilities.

To look into your eyes and see compassion set me free in ways that I didn’t realize my soul ached for. I felt witnessed by you, and my peers.

In the days that have followed the workshop, I’ve been playing catch-up in spending time with my son, and still in the process of receiving downloads facilitated by Inception. 

The story telling about an object or picture we observed on the alter was such a difficult thing to reveal but, it felt liberating to open up about feeling blue and not seeing a way out. 

Dancing has helped me to keep it all in perspective and embrace it. 

Your guidance and facilitation offered a safe and sacred container that helped me to reboot my consciousness and to experience “intimacy of the soul” with myself and others.

I always know that spending a few days with you will always offer deep transformation.

I am happy to hear about the seeds sprouting, it brings new hope and life to Our intentions! 


I have always admired you so much,

and am so grateful to know such a caring and strong soul.

Saying Thank you is not enough to describe my gratefulness for who you are and what you bring to the earth.

Love, Nyah"

"If I could sign up for next year's workshop now, I would; I get so much from these! "

Dear Jo,

I don't know where to start. Reclamation was a such an amazing experience, and I just want to say, that my emotional map is forever changed by the experience. I learned so much about myself as
an individual, how to be more present in relationships and how to offer my contribution to a group without completely losing my own personal shape. I always come in saying that I won't let anyone see me cry, but always end up emotionally stripped naked, and parts of my soul retrieved.

Thank you so much


I want to thank you for such an amazing workshop. Our rabbi quoted Abraham Joshua Heschel in his sermon last night, who had said that we should all aspire to experience our daily lives with a sense of "radical amazement". Those words resonated deeply through me, having just come from the workshop.I have participated in numerous workshops - with Vinn Marti, Kathy Altman, and Andrea Juhan - among others. I have never experienced a workshop as deep and powerful as this one. As I rise this morning for Rosh Hashanah, I feel the energy unleashed through the time we spent dancing with masks.It was also an extraordinary opportunity to experience you in a new way. I have always been touched/moved by you, but hearing you speak as you did was new for me and gave even more depth to my sense and experience of you. The collective energy you engendered was remarkable. I felt a special kinship among us, a very refined and subtle respect for each other and for the process emerging among/around/through us.   

P. A."



This retreat was nothing short of transformative and uplifting and inspirational. After practicing this dance form for eight years, I now see how to use it to release and heal through the body, something I didn’t really get before as I was so focused on mind and spirit and social aspects. Jo gently guided me to move beyond my resistance and my limitations, giving me awareness and skills that I can bring with me to subsequent dance classes and to my life. Our group was amazingly supportive and creative. There were numerous moments of outrageous creativity and synergy and tender, authentic connection. The location was beautiful, with delicious food and spacious grounds and caring staff members. The music, a combination of Jo’s selections and Ryan Herr’s live, dreamy concoctions, elevated us, moved us, carried us, and supported our journeys. Jo was absolutely present with us the whole way, offering seven days of dance and reflection including great chats during meals, walks and breaks. Something else about Jo that I want to say…I have danced at her Culver City classes when my schedule permits, across 8 years. So many times, I have been impressed by the love she offers into the group space. It’s palpable and I believe it enables those gathered there to find new levels of courage, peace, and love in their dances. While I have known this about Jo, I don’t think I’ve ever adequately thanked her or acknowledged this to her (there are always so many wonderful people to connect with after class, and time is short). This characteristic of her priming the group space with love made me want to know her on a deeper level, and I was able to during our retreat week. I recognize her as a highly evolved being who is doing profound work on this planet. Thank you, Jo.


Maria Schmeeckle, based in Illinois and on sabbatical this year

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