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 explore the work with focus

 deepen connection to yourself

 and join a network of of committed dancers around the world.  

Dancing with Jo Cobbett - what's in it for you?

Dancing with Jo Cobbett - what's in it for you?

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What others say:

"This changed my life"

"My journal has been a great sounding board for thoughts, revelations and creative goals.

I’ve grown to realize that keeping silent about my childhood has been a hindrance to expressing my true creativity. 

I am no longer embarrassed or ashamed of the chaos that has created who I am.

Inception assisted in the facilitation of speaking my truth and revealing my vulnerabilities.

To look into your eyes and see compassion set me free in ways that I didn’t realize my soul ached for. I felt witnessed by you, and my peers.

In the days that have followed the workshop, I’ve been playing catch-up in spending time with my son, and still in the process of receiving downloads facilitated by Inception. 

The story telling about an object or picture we observed on the alter was such a difficult thing to reveal but, it felt liberating to open up about feeling blue and not seeing a way out. 

Dancing has helped me to k