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want to dance when we aren't?  

here's a list for organic embodied movement practices in

  l.a.,  california + mentors and other disciplines.

many are no longer up do date, so check !! 

and we have a facebook group with la postings;

for our fumbling towards ecstasy classes 

and another for all area movement events

movement resources los angeles

click the weblink to go to another site:

los angeles area:

daniela peltekova 5rhythms 

kate shela

susan harper:

continuum studio:

ecstatic dance los angeles :

marianne karou:

alisha hayes:

micheline berry:

work of gabrielle roth:

5rhythms with masayo benoist:

friday night funk dance

la dance collective 

contact improv la  contact improv 


jennele smith: 5Rhythms


santa barbara:

 santa barbara dance tribe :


northern california: 

open floor school:

arjuna marti:

ellen watson:

 northern california dance camp:

valerie chafograck:

ecstatic dance in oakland:   


san diego area:

christina graham smith: 

 ecstatic dance:


washington state:

michael & anneli molin-skelton:

dance camp northwest:

oly waves in olympia washington:


dance new england:

websites for ecstatic dance:

a portal for empowering music:


email us if you have a class you want listed!

 thank you

dance and find your home everywhere

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