Here is my Dancing Soul Offering: 2 hours of aligning to spirit and presence. Exploring how we Open and Close.

Bring a Journal, pens, colors if you are drawn, bring water, and a willingness to meet yourself here: inside skin, inside movement.  

Enjoy the guided journey of Perception.  Participate through your body, and share the upwellings that emerge.

This will be available only for the next 48 hours. This is to accommodate people in different timezones.

Please reach out with your comments and suggestions as well as feedback. 

 What do you feel is appropriate to share? I truly appreciate any amount you choose.

The link is to paypal, you can also send donations via Venmo Jo-Cobbett

wear headphones and dance in the park, dance in your living room, or your bed, 
share with your family or do it virtually with some friends in far away places, or even next door
do it when you can, for yourself.  Take extra time between for your journaling, and painting
share what emerges. This is time for you to enjoy, deepen, release and resolve what is less nourishing for you right now.