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I've been asked to share my music and voice in different virtual communities and thrive in creating opportunities for collaboration.

I was invited to contribute by Ilonka and Dan to their monthly dance community.

This week we'll be dancing in New York from 11:30 - 1pm (8:30 am til 10 pac time!) if you'd enjoy joining us in a different time zone with a different community, please do!!  And join me in the future for weekly classes here in LA time.

 What do you feel is appropriate to share? I truly appreciate any amount you choose.

The link is to paypal, you can also send donations via Venmo Jo-Cobbett

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wear headphones and dance in the park, dance in your living room, or your bed, 
share with your family or do it virtually with some friends in far away places, or even next door
do it when you can, for yourself.  Take extra time between for your journaling, and painting
share what emerges. This is time for you to enjoy, deepen, release and resolve what is less nourishing for you right now.



I'll upload the recorded session to Mixcloud following the session, that will be later in the day on Sunday as I'll have 2 classes that day!

New to Zoom? follow the link for info on how to join, and follow the link below to connect.
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