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Welcome to our Door Crew!

    and thank you for being part of an amazing team of support.  

I am very grateful to have you with us and while it may seem like a large amount of learning for the first time or two I'm sure you'll get used to it quickly. You are a welcoming presence; meeting people, offering them an opportunity to find their way in. I think you'll really appreciate the other people who've been on the team for years and who are so generous with their time and loyalty.  They continually astonish me with their dedication and commitment.

There are more details that will be shared as you 'intern' by coming and sitting at the door with another team member in advance of your first actual shift.

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.



The class has been ongoing since 1995. during that time we started with a singing bowl as a donation in the beginning $10 was the suggested donation. The price went to $15  seven  years later due to our overhead doubling, and has stayed the same ever since.

People put money in the bowl voluntarily, found flyers on the table, and entered on their own.

We kept that system for 8 years.  Beginning with Sunday mornings of 5 attendees in Culver City at our peak we had about 180-200 people dancing with us weekly and they simply put money in the bowl, we only knew how many had attended by how much we counted at the end.

We shifted systems as there was a strong need for direction for those arriving and a sense of a held container that began as soon as you entered the room. We had people sign up and get a free class to help and an extra free one as a bonus. But there was a decided lack of stability and we started the current system after arriving at the Masonic Lodge in 2008:  A self maintaining rotating selection of people who create their own schedule,  and hold themselves accountable for showing up.  

Almost everyone of the door crew has stayed here for years and it is like saying goodbye to family when someone leaves. We went to $20 after all the other area classes said I had to in order that they all could. And it's been fine, but if someone needs to come in with a smaller payment, we usually find a way to invite them to help us to make it fair.


What you are committing to: 

The door shift is once every 4 - 5 weeks though sometimes people trade weeks.  You are welcomed to the other Sunday classes as compensation. Other workshops and events are offered as crew to our crew first, so you an attend and support for a substantial discount, even with visiting teachers.

 You become a class ambassador, and you are the welcome and face of the class on your day. It has been a wonderful way for people to connect and grow and create deeper community.  

Altogether this is a 2.5 hr commitment on your active week, and you only dance for about an hour of that time but are on call for any issues that arise while in the space. If that isn't manageable for you, let us know how to work with you for everyone's benefit.


Opening the space: 

• Arrive at latest by 10:50 am before the 11 start on the week you are supporting and set up for the entry.

•  This involves having the bowl, sign in ipand, welcome and other flyers on the table,  and the large intro sign up on the door. 

.• Set event flyers for up on the floor or another table in the hall way.  

• Whenever possible putting out the Lost & Found so things may be returned to owners. (we have a stash of left behind water bottles)


While at the door:

 • Checks made to cash or to Jo Cobbett.

  (PayPal payments can be made to please make sure they are verified) Venmo Jo-Cobbett 

  Making change; if needed, ask me if early people have big bills.. I usually have enough!

 • Welcome each person, getting to know the community directly. This is a great opportunity to develop boundaries, as well as being supportive. 

 • New people most often come with regular attendees,  inquiring if someone is here for the first time helps in getting sign-ins our database and MUST Read a welcome flyer before entry. This information soothes the space for everyone.  

 • They need to know where restrooms are and where to put their belongings.  (on piano, counters or kitchen NOT on floor at room edge!) That we have a water filter in the Kitchen, that we have a nonverbal space and to please read and ask questions if there are any. 

 • That talking is outside rather than inside the room,

 • Their feedback and concerns are welcomed.  

 • If someone has questions answering them to the best of your ability. Or check in with me.

 • You stay at the door til 12pm, then move the table into the room (get help!) and bring the money from the class to me. There are envelopes for that in the bag we put all the entry table items into. 

 • If someone is challenging, or an accident occurs, you are support for us as well, and want to get help cleaning a spill, or broken glass, getting support in gently meeting someone's concerns.

You can also dance near the door, and even after moving the table in; please keep an eye out for newcomers, or issues that may arise on your day... it makes a huge difference. Thank you



Breakdown & Closing the Space:

 • Dismantling the "Alter", blowing out candles, setting them aside to cool. Putting them into carry bags and placing them in     closet.  Closet combination: 1928 (year building was built; its on the corner base left of the front door if you forget)

• Folding fabrics and putting them into the boxes they came from.  Fabrics are boxed by color. Sometimes they require a few boxes to distribute them properly. 

• Boxing/bagging  whatever objects have embellished the weekly Alter

• Closing and locking all windows.

• Making sure  the back door in the kitchen is sealed.

• Checking spaces and surfaces for left behind items. Putting them into lost and found in closet.

• Checking bathrooms for cleanliness, tidying before exit.

Door members often help each other to break down at class end if they attend. They may also support you as you go to the restroom or help deal with any issues that arise. This is not required! But it is a generous quality much appreciated by all.



     If you know that you need to make a shift in your date, please do so as soon as kindly possible. This is a team and it works because everyone does their part. If a health issue arises or if your plans change let someone know in advance and arrange to switch with someone on your own. 

     This can be done with a group text or email and update the Google Calendar we will all be aware of who is on.

There is no one in charge of you getting rescheduled, so showing up is important. If your schedule does not align with the group, let us know ASAP.   Please note: The person who creates the schedule is not responsible for your personal schedule. The schedule is also a volunteer project, and this has been an enormously generous job!  Volunteers welcomed.   


In my absence:

Although I schedule my travels to avoid missing Sunday classes, there are extended trips away, and I arrange subs for those weeks. When someone is new you become the familiar supportive guide for them. It is especially important for them to know there is someone who has the details of what keeps things moving smoothly.

They need someone there from beginning to end. Transfer of money, key, locking up and details will hopefully be conveyed before my departure, and please realize how essential you are to the class, and how greatly appreciated you are!

Thank you dearly and deeply. 

Love jo  questions?? call me! 424 361 9876

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