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IM Jam Altadena 

Monday Nights

Altadena's Community Dance Jam


Every Monday night at 7pm. Even on Holidays!  Dance like no one’s watching. Started by JP

the class has had a variety of wonderful facilitators .. most Mondays Jo Cobbett is hosting. 

Holidays may bring special energy. Playlists usually posted here.


A rockin' eclectic dance jam with diverse music from around the world.

No experience needed or steps to learn.


Fun, enthusiasm, community and the opportunity to enjoy the present moment.

A place to dance without judgment, alcohol or smalltalk.

We operate under the guiding principle that broad diversity adds the spark and texture to life,

and we support, encourage and celebrate participation of all people, from all groups.


Every Monday from 7pm – 9pm. $15 for each 2 hour session. Wear some comfortable clothes to sweat in,

dance shoes or bare feet, and bring your friends if you’d like (but partners are not needed.)

Adults from 18 to 108 are welcome to drop in for any or all sessions.


Farnsworth Park Davies Building, 568 E. Mount Curve St., Altadena. Just off Lake Ave. up the hill from Altadena Drive, about 3 miles from highway 210. Click here for directions



We go to the Altadena Ale & Wine House after dance for an opportunity to talk with each other connect, even dance a bit more. Drinking is not necessary.. have water and a snack.. just enjoy the community.


Join us here for updates and other community offerings.  LA's Eastside Dance Community

JO is NOT hosting

 But enjoy dancing with JP! 


"Dance Jam is the best movement class and weekly event I have found to attend in all of northeast Los Angeles…..JP has created a weekly event that brings together a diverse group of people and creates community." – Jessica Colp, Professional Life Coach, South Pasadena, CA

"I can honestly say that I.M. Jam changed my life.  Each week I leave feeling inspired, grounded, and more free.  Jean-Paul is a miracle worker." – Shannon L, South Pasadena

"One of my favorite aspects of I.M. Jam is the non-judgmental open door policy. All are welcome, invited and encouraged to participate." – Mark M, Hollywood, CA 

“Monday nights at Intuitive Movement Jam are like a breath of fresh energy in the mist of our daily lives. Allowing me to face the week ahead with a whole new charge of expression, love & respect to the communities that I interact with.”– J Torres, Altadena CA 

"The I.M. Jam feeds my soul in ways I never imagined…. The Jam gives me the space to take it to a higher level. Jean-Paul’s music selections are always spot on!” – Stacey I., Monrovia, CA

“I love I.M. Jam -- it is truly a sanctuary in which to explore the depths and have fun while doing it!” – Sheila S., Los Angeles, CA

“I highly recommend I.M. Jam for anyone who wants to feel both relaxed and energized.” – KH, Van Nuys, CA 

The music is always different, the group is welcoming, the space for releasing and connection.

Find your heart tribe  

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