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players needed for abc drama series episode 

needing 20 all ages and sizes dancers confirmed, committed hopefully by monday. 

very safe site: participants will be tested daily, all wearing costumes, and masks and shooting is all out doors.  


first test: december 7, first COVID TESTS between 7-10am at studio IN HOLLYWOOD prior to day of filming;  ONLY NEGATIVE RESULTS ACCEPTED for filming. between 7 and 10 am.. compensation: $100 for testing 

shooting dates: december 9 - 10 2020 with daily testing on arrival.


sag & non sag welcome. non sag sign a special release form, just let us know your status. 

THEME: DANCERS wild free spacey dancers in a cult.  APPEARING to be ON PSYCHEDELICS following a charismatic but very crazy leader unquestioningly.  this is for free spirited dancers movers all shapes and sizes 

compensation: each 8 hr shooting day pays $200- 


for  seasoned dancers. can you let camera disappear and continue to move and also follow directions? There will also be inexperienced extras trying your dance style.

we need your info, name, address, phone and email including photos, and measurements/sizes so costumes can be ordered.

Contact:  424 258 5105 text.  

i would prefer a different theme, as this makes dancers look out of their right minds, while i believe dancing supports your sanity!  if you are interested it will be fun to dance with others and be a part of the show. You will be expressive featured background extras. I will accompany and coordinate for now, hope to support your spirit...  

                                          sending my best to you 

Jo Cobbett 

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