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Come to dance and be danced! "Move until you are moved. Dance until the dancer disappears and only the dance remains". - Gabrielle Roth


The GateWay of the body is a powerful vessel that allows us to move and be moved. Together we will dance into and through the gateway of the new year, crossing the thresholds of past, present and future. We will honor the darkness of this season, while igniting the light of prayer and hope for the future. Dance out of distraction and into the focused space of collective movement medicine.


If we have the courage to move the body, the heart and mind can follow. Come open the gateway of your body by unlocking presence and potential. Come see what is waiting for you on the other side. The 5Rhythms teaches us skills and tools to use in our everyday life that help us facilitate the union of presence based awareness.

The 5Rhythms is a moving meditation practice. The rhythms, Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness®, allow us to explore the true nature of who we are and how our energy moves in this world.

In this workshop we will integrate the practices of mindfulness with the moving meditations of the 5Rhythms®. In the 5Rhythms, we engage in mindfulness while in motion as a pathway to externalize energy. While seated meditation allows the space for the quiet, integration of the nervous system. The two polarities of moving and sitting meditation together mirror the dance of life and open the door to cultivate peace, well being and balance.


No experience is required. All workshop hours contribute to 5Rhythms® teachers training prerequisites.


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Lucia Horan was born and raised in the Esalen community.

She has been teaching since 1998. Lucia received life-long direct training

with Gabrielle Roth in the 5Rhythms® method. She is formally empowered

to teach Buddha dharma in all capacities.

She is a certified Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness teacher. Her unique perspectives

on insight have been published in the book “Dancing with Dharma: Essays on

Movement And Dance in Western Buddhism  ** more on Lucia below

 $335 full price  $100 for waitlist.     

Culver City Masonic Lodge

9635 Venice Blvd Culver City CA 90232 

12/30: 8pm - 10:30pm

12/31: 1:30pm - 7:30pm  & 9:30pm - 12:30am

1/1: 1:30pm - 5:30pm

contact Jo Cobbett                                                            Venmo Jo-Cobbett  or  check, cash.


 Questions ? Text or call 424 361 9876 or email for answers 

Workshop is currently at capacity you may be waitlisted for there will likely be some changes...fully refundable deposit of $100 if you wish to be on the list.  full price is $335 ​

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**Lucia has taught at Esalen Institute (CA), Omega Institute

(NY & Costa Rica), Kripalu, Centro de Ompia (Italy), The Studio

Maui (Hawaii), Lumeria Maui, TNK Psychology Institute (Osaka and

Tokyo Japan), The Moving Center School (San Francisco and NYC), Wanderlust

Vermont & Oahu.

Lucia is also a speaker for Tony Robbins worldwide Life Wealth Mastery seminars. Additionally she is a somatic educator for the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion dept. of PepsiCo Latin America and Google X Moonshot Factory. She leads focus groups co-teaching with masters in the fields of Buddhist meditation, yoga, trauma, addiction, grief, women’s empowerment, Motion Theater® & wild dolphin swims.  

Lucia brings to her teaching practice a lifetime of experience with the these practices as a way to move through the fabric of life’s experiences. Her teaching is infused with her love for the dance and faith in the practice. Lucia currently resides in Big Sur, CA.

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