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Evolving Heart

  • Fri, Nov 9, 2018      6:30 PM  Sun, Nov 11, 2018    

  • White Box Theatre at Liberty Station (map)

Jo Cobbett & Christina Graham-Smith                 

A 5Rhythms® Heartbeat workshop

With each beat of the heart we have an opportunity to move out of stuck ways of being and into a more expansive state of prosperity. Noticing how the illusion of safety in staying with known patterns can freeze us from living fully and thriving. Through the dance we can evolve from fear based loving to love based living.

How does fear block my flow? 

How does anger limit my honesty?

How does sadness short circuit my joy?

How can I move into truly seeing and loving life?

In this workshop we move through the Heartbeat map of our emotional being. Bringing loving attention to how meeting fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion through our hearts can be an opportunity to evolve and shift us from disconnect to connection. The transformational power of essential emotions in movement empowers each of us to experience the potency of living from a place of full awakening.  Where we can dissolve the negative affect of the inner realms of our lives and find conscious pathways to expression and  healthy relationships.

White Box Dance Studio at Liberty Station
2590 Truxtun Rd, Studio 205, San Diego, CA 92106

Friday 6:30-9:30, Sat. 1-8, Sun 10-4
$190 early bird paid by October, full price $250

Contact: or 661-347-8398

Evolving Heart, November 9-11

190.00 250.00

Meet the Teachers

Jo Cobbett, Los Angeles
Jo’s offerings touch hearts around the globe where she offers yearly retreats in a variety of countries. She is a loved and respected teacher in the embodied movement community, bringing a wide array of experience to her teaching where she creates a loving and compassionate space for each dancer to express his/her truth. Advanced level Heartbeat 5Rhythms® Training. 

Christina Graham-Smith, San Diego 
Conscious awareness and authentic communication on all levels is a key aspect of Christina’s offerings. She navigates the dancer to the edge, dancing into the unknown and being held in a loving container to explore all that arises. She teaches in California and Mexico, mentoring 5Rhythms® Spaceholders and is currently in Heartbeat training.


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