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Jo Cobbett & Ryan Herr offer:  Embodied Mantra                   7 Day Dancing Vision Quest Retreat in Pokhara Nepal                                                           
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most photos are from Ryan & Jo some are from the web. take your own and share!

Buy tix for one discounted regular price.  If you wish to make installments instead, contact Jo
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our Embodied Mantra retreat in Nepal... a true meeting of souls and enhancement of life. 

Each day is dancing, moving, exploring, meeting ourselves and dropping more deeply into our inner and collective experience. 

Jo facilitates and shares music Ryan brings his magic in how he moves a group into deep spaces of inner connection and ecstatic union in transcendent ways. Together we'll weave a web of connection and depth that inspires true transformation and presence.

We meet for approximately 6 hours of workshop time each day, with a variety of expressive and creative explorations. This was designed as a chance to vision and embrace the fullness of life and the way we step into our future in a fulfilling and nourishing ways. 

There is invitation and inclusion, a chance to travel into the heart and through the world in a supportive and loving environment that offers a fresh perspective on the world and in life.

There is a shift in our program from the flyer:  Meet in Pokhara, and our adventure will begin as we assemble and are driven to the Eco Village high overlooking the Valley.  We'll stay there together, meals, accommodation and space to dance are lovely and welcoming. Details on rendezvous will come as you sign up, but we begin on the 28th at 10 am for a trip up to the village. 

We'll move down to town in the middle, and have a day trip up to the Peace Pavilion overlooking Pokhara, where we can find contemplation and perhaps move with some of the locals.  Descending we'll journey across the lake before heading to the  beautiful Shangri La Village where we'll stay for the remainder of our retreat.

From there it's an easy shift to town, you'll be able to explore in your free time.  We'll be well fed and stay in lovely rooms and have the pool and grounds as our space, and dance in a movement sanctuary overlooking the property and the mountains that surround us.

Embodied Mantra a Dancing Vision Quest
Join Jo Cobbett & Ryan Herr a 7 day retreat in Pokhara Nepal September 28-October 4, 2019 In times of challenge, we connect to source and we surround ourselves with beauty, and align our creative spirits into dynamic engagement.
Embodied Mantra is a melding of forms, drawing inspiration from within, with Jo’s facilitation and Ryan’s creative music in sanctuarily held space, this is an integration of intention and potent movement journeys to gather the essence of our hearts into sustained embodied culminations of our visions.
A deeply joyful meeting self and other in intentional clarity and discovery.
This compelling week is a calling into our mindful embodiment with dance theater games, wordplay and visual creativity. Daily sessions explore our connections from self, center, & to others We meet our emotional beings;
our tender selves and foster healing resiliency. Through guided processes and interaction find depths of connection to your source as we co-create a resonant collaborative heart field with your inner wisdom. Come for growth and integration.
Held at the soft end of Summer in a climate akin to Los Angeles, in a culture spanning thousands of years we’ll be in 2 locations; Annapurna Eco Village where we’ll deepen our practice. High above the valley in a movement sanctuary, finding balance in this organic natural environment with food grown on the grounds in a gently nourishing community.
Shangri La Village has spacious rooms and a beautiful dance space overlooking the pool and well tended grounds. During free time go to town finding treasures, visiting temples and the lake or stay on the grounds, swim, get massages, rest, renew, mingle.
Collectively we’ll visit the Peace Pavilion, dance with locals enjoy an outing on the lake.

Perhaps you'll Spend time trekking after the tour, the weather is sublime, and this is peak season in Nepal. Pokhara is the base for the Annapurna treks, and there are many worthy of your time; immerse in memorable hikes through rhododendron forests, ravines, past waterfalls and more.
This is such an exquisite experience for each of us we want to share it with you!
$1195 pp dbl share. (single accommodation $1400) includes accommodation, meals and workshop, book by 8/15 save $150 Travel, drinks and tips are additional
Inspired, curious? go to for pictures, details and sign up. Want to connect: for conversation 424 258 5105



It takes 2 days to arrive: one to fly, and one crossing the dateline from the US. Book accordingly!

We begin in Pokhara 10am September 28. We finish after lunch October 4

• Book your airfare through to Kathmandu, (I've booked mine through ) 

• I recommend you get trip insurance, it's always cheaper on the front end and if something comes up you can get refunded.

• Flights from Los Angeles to Kathmandu range from less that $500 to ??? depending on airlines and length of travel.  If you have time, break the trip up with an overnight in China on the way and explore the city with a temporary visa, arrive more refreshed after that. Or come more directly and take an extra day in Kathmandu. It's a noisy bustly rather polluted city, but it has some extraordinary temples and great shopping as well. You can easily spend a couple of days here, lots of eateries and not to be missed places.

• Accommodation in Kathmandu varies there but can be extremely reasonable. or

are fun to explore and offer insights into what you can enjoy. Or tell Dharma and he'll book something if you know what you want.


• Our friend Dharma Raj will help you set up your inner flight or travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara, and if you desire accommodation before or after he can help, or have fun exploring online.

• Visa: Make sure your passport has at least 6 months of time left from day of entry!!! US can get on arrival in Kathmandu 

You will also need to have a completed application form and two passport-sized photos, for both embassy applications and Visa on Arrival services. The visa fee for all paid visas to Nepal for American nationals is US$ 25 for a 15-day visa, US4 40 for a 30-day visa, and US$ 100 for a 90-day visa.  Read More on Visa click

Here are tips on arrival

To Pokhara:

• Getting from Kathmandu to Pokhara, there are opportunities  to go direct or meander. Let Dharma Raj help you!!! Tell him your desires:

   •There are 25 min long flights between Kathmandu and Pokhara but it's $278 rt. All the airlines have the same price.

   •There are also longer trips by bus for about $50 roundtrip if you want to see more of the landscape and plan further excursions.  I took the bus both ways, they have a great tourist bus with comfy seats and they stop for a great lunch and it's all included. Link to bus info

    • Or get a private driver to take you across country so you can stop as you choose. There is only a 2 lane highway between cities as the earthquake has made it more challenging, which is why the trip is longer by road. 

Retreat accommodations:

• Your double share room is provided and all meals and travel from beginning at our rendezvous at 10 am on 28th September. Drinks and tips are extra, (please budget for them, knowing that hotel staff  anticipate being tipped.)

   • The rooms at the ecovillage are comfortable but simple. The meals as well are local food, organic and we'll be well fed,in a simpler way. 

   • The accommodations at Shangri La Village are 4 star and rooms are spacious, the buffet is more extensive, and the grounds are designed to satisfy, it's designed like a classic village, with views and soft grounds with waterways and gardens. There's a gym, larger pool and the rooms have tv and phones, showers and baths.  

Before and after:

• Taking extra time and planning a side trip? Or want to go on a trek? Make sure you bring extra passport photos the different treks have different permitting fees associated with them. For a short trek that takes you up and around with lovely views for 2 days, you can go without permits, but anything longer or fringing the mountains takes a permit, as does the river rafting.  You can look online for details or ask Dharma he can arrange it all for you. But it's easier to bring extra photos with you for each permit.  Trekking permit info link

Both Kathmandu and Pokhara are thriving because of a larger tourism industry that is centered around trekking. You can easily get a porter, and or a guide for a trek of several days from 2, 3, 4 or longer. We had a lovely younger man who was training as a guide but was hired as our porter. It meant we carried less, and he knew the route, and was less expensive to hire; I loved that and will repeat! Guides are knowledgable and advised for longer excursions. Guides will not carry bags.

The terrain is breathtaking, and involves climate shifts if you choose to go to higher elevations.  Where we are based it will be warm and sunny. 

Pokhara is a thriving town, There are many restaurants, some temples, yoga studios, some 'supermarkets', many shops and opportunities to relax. Lovely places to stay, all scales of accommodations are there. All kinds of food fully international  is available

Also there is a Tibetan Buddhist sanctuary there initiated by the Dalai Lama, and a population of long term Tibetan refugees.  They also have a university and have a good relationship with the Nepalese, but remain more separate.

Nepal is an amazing ancient/modern country, with thousands of years of compelling history and a people who have not been conquered. Their spirits are alive and vital, they are generous, friendly and accommodating without sacrificing their way of living. This is a country that truly welcomes different spiritual paths and yet maintains its own compassionately.  

The wilderness here is wide-ranging from forests, rivers, to deserts with the most exalted mountains in the world.  The climate where we'll be is identical to Los Angeles; warm sunny and welcoming. While we're in Pokhara it will be in the low 80's and we'll have a pool great accommodations and food, and a sense of family while here. 

Come to dance, stay to explore, to shop, to dine, to play.  Take extra time to revel in this amazing land.

River raft, paraglide, trek, go explore their vast nature reserve, visit the birthplace of the Buddha, go on a spiritual tour, historical, come for great food and warm hearted community.  Come for quiet and contemplation.

Shopping is abundant if you are called to come with less and leave with more. The Nepalese can copy anything and do it well, but hey also have fabulous artifacts.. get Thangkas , sculptures, clothing, fabrics, or gifts, they have an enormous array of climbing and trekking gear as most come simply to go up and down the mountain to say they were there. I recommend taking some time to see and feel the land and enjoy the people.  

This is the beginning of high season; a warm sunny time perfect for play.  When we held our first Soul Calling Retreat, it was late November into December and the weather was  the same as Los Angeles, even at a little higher elevation, days were cool but not cold, comfortable and the end of their season.  Our treks were in December and though beautiful I was always grateful for a down jacket at night and you can buy EVERYTHING you need at minimal prices as one of the many things the Nepalese are excellent at is accommodating the desires of their guests.  

Recommendations for places to stay and explore are offered, trekking is the most popular reason for this destination, as the treks are diverse from one day to a month long... mountains to wildlife sanctuaries, hot springs, to river rafting.  Trails are well supported and you can go with someone to carry your bags, and guide you through fascinating villages and forests, past sublime vistas.  Prices are reasonable, especially considering the wide variety of opportunities. 

Stay urban and eat well with hundreds of restaurants and cafes, hotels from very budget oriented to 5 star and our support system in Dharma Raj from  Earth Nepal Trek and Travel is deeply knowledgable and supportive from helping book your  Kathmandu to Pokhara tickets and your arrival and departure to any side trips you may wish for.

Come be fascinated. Wake your spirit to the vast majesty of your soul.

Questions? I'm so very happy to share insights and am open to offering any support to help you join us here! And feel free to reach out to Dharma Raj as he is deeply insightful and very kind. He'll meet you as you arrive, and make sure you feel well taken care of.

There are lots of stories and insights to be gleaned from small searches on the web. We are offering our fresh eyes and open hearts.  Come with yours and take lots of pictures!  

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