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san Diego one day in person workshop:


july 16 2022

Jo Cobbett & Christina Graham smith 


This 5Rhythms workshop is a deeper invitation to connect to the wholeness of being. After years of repatterning through the isolation and transitions of our pandemic time, what brings you to that sense of belonging in your liquid alive and integrating body? Reconnecting in community?  In the places of joy we've cherished in world? 

Meeting these patterns in movement and in relational play, let's reconnect our lives and find ways to engage that help us to restore oneness again. 

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I am honestly excited to be consciously co-creating this offering: A sweet dive to meet the changes we are all navigating. I've just been with a group in NCDC's Summer Camp, and could feel the layers that are universal; the places we are so dearly hungry for connection, and the enormous shroud of concern and responsible care we've had to meet every foray into our lives within these years.  There is a deep need for held space and fully expressed release in our bodies.  Can you feel the call for this as well? We are hungry to melt into one another, seeking the sustenance of connection , yet still avoiding that contact.

I have held many in my arms as their bodies tremble with the combination of grief, relief and repressed fears.. it takes more than a little moment on the floor, and it takes more than a conversation, or a shout to the stars and shore... we are yearning to move in mindful meeting with reverence and curiosity once again.  Are you ready to begin?  

ReIntegration is a  One Day of Intentional connection, a place for hearing, seeing, feeling, expressing and releasing... a devotionally curated and crafted invitation to meet the places that have held us protected, and re-member ourselves. 

Align and form the conscious path of choice and collaborative freedom.  Let your spirit be moved. 

Christina Graham Smith is a dear generous 5Rhythms teacher and therapist, wife, mother and lover of harmony in motion. I call her a dear friend and feel privileged to share this workshop with her.

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