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November 27-December 3  2018

Pokhara Nepal            

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November 27-December 3  2018

Pokhara Nepal

Soul Calling: A Dance Retreat to Reset Your Sanity  Pokhara Nepal • November 27-December 3, 2018
• Weeklong Facilitated Retreat w/ live music and accommodation (flights, drinks, tips extra)
• Price: $1195  dbl share  6 nights, 7 days, vegetarian meals included with workshop 
• Private room $1495    
• 6 hours meeting time each day,  sessions vary. Time for exploration and rest
• 5Rhythms® accredited Waves level workshop
• Come early or stay later to explore Nepal;
Treks launch from Pokhara through the mountains. 
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A calling to  Shambhala.. the inner sense of our alignment to soul and destiny. A chance to reset our systems towards a future we are ready to embrace.

​Meeting our selves through all aspects of our lives, we've arrived here. A place where we dance our true essence, listen within and to one another in a heartful space and move toward what has ​created fear and resistance in the past to embrace compassion from within and transform. 

Clear guidance & music from Jo and live music from Ryan Herr  a week in sanctuary, where we'll dance in the presence of great mountains, walk on paths traversed by pilgrims for millennia and move with kindness from our histories into our fulfillment. 

With approaches as ancient as the land we’re on, and as revelational as our current times, this is a dance of reverence and devotion, playfulness, presence that is tailored uniquely to our group. We are creativity in motion, enjoy the chance for reflection and integration while allowing our inner wisdom through embodied movement processes, connection and curiosity, as we share words, images with an alignment towards clearing challenges to congruity in our lives; we gather with reverence for life, for spirit, for the earth in harmony.  7 Day Waves level 5Rhythms workshop

words from Joanna Macy about Shambala Warriors​


Above the city of Pokhara Shangri La Village is a well tended "village"  with a wooden floored dancing space  with views of the mountains, lake, and pool welcomes us.  Rooms are comfortable and  accommodations, Vegetarian  meals and workshop are included in the price.  (drinks, tips and travel are extra)  (if you need an omnivorous diet its and additional $85)

  $1195 full price shared double room (upgrade to private room is an additional $300), 

early bird price for workshop is $1050 payment in full by September 15.  Book this soon! 

Weather will be perfect for our dances.. there is a sauna and pool and hot tub, rooms are well designed for comfort and much is accessible to those who choose to spend longer time in the nearby mountains. We have access to the nourishment of a well settled city and also to this majestic land. 

Pokhara is a brief 25 min flight from the main city or a 6-7 hour bus ride if you want to see more of the  country.   

Flights to Nepal are reasonably priced and most places to stay are so affordably priced that you'll feel deeply welcomed.

We'll be adding information here as it becomes available. Any questions? feel free to email or call Jo or 424 258 5105 for text or call 


The land has been a calling of inner wisdom bringing pilgrims from around the world; for many it is their culmination of a life of prayer. and for us a place to move in wonder and inclusion.

The extraordinary music of Ryan Herr will take us to depths and heights as he symbiotically creates his hauntingly beautiful and deeply moving soundscapes to support our journey.

This is a weaving of  passions; exploring within as we are supported harmoniously.

If you are familiar with the concepts of epigenetics and transformation through meditation, join us as we meet these processes with full embodied participation and intention for a truly revelatory week.  We can and will transmute past beliefs and limitations on a cellular level,  with loving support and guidance.

I've journeyed to heights of ecstasy with Ryan's music and it's an honor and precious privilege to have his perceptive presence with us. 

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Its exciting to be here! 

one of the top destinations in the world:  Pokhara link


Each year I'm called to explore the world from a new perspective.  For the past 9 years I've invited groups to join me in Asia: Bali, Thailand, Cambodia and when I sat with myself I felt a call to Nepal. 

I am  a spirit guide on these trips rather than tour guide.  I  use the energy and potency of the places we meet to facilitate a more profound journey within our collective.  How different it is to be in lands where ritual and spirit are such profound elements of daily life, where prayer is in all movement, all expression.: Where ritual and reverence for nature are daily practice, and grounded center is an internal sanctuary.

I intend to have personal time in other parts of Nepal, and recommend that for others as well. I'll be flying into Kathmandu and so chose a place with less bustle to share an expansive journey in movement. There are many well versed guides and one has already begun facilitating this experience for us, While much of our collective time will be in our connected collaborative movement journey, we will have a day together meeting the offerings of our environment, and you will have free time daily to explore the area. We will also have guests meet us with their gifts. With deep gratitude for friends we've found a space that will accommodate our group with comfort and grace. 

there's lots of info out there, please look! and this is one...

nepal info link

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