my home share Available from December 1, in historic victoria Park. if one person, $1582 rent and 1/2 utilities, 2 rooms available. Housemate used one for recording studio/office, one for bedroom. a couple? let's meet and talk.

2000 sf home, and half the garage for storage, as well.  lots of room for furniture, spirit, and heart to come together.

neighborhood is wonderfully diverse, convenient to all of the area.. midcity close to the west side, downtown, hollywood, lots of public transport a block away and sprouts, ralphs, lowes, shops and restaurants nearby.. a sanctuary in the city.

hancock park adjacent. 

I'm a lifelong vegetarian, leading movement classes now teaching from home and a visual artist as well. appreciate creative people, who can keep space and live in a considerate communicative way. 

interested? contact me,  text 424 258 5105

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